Felton Music Review

Felton Music Review - October 2021

October 3, 2020 Published by Casey Smith

While Covid-19 continues to keep us in our homes, it does allow us all to spend more time with the things we love or maybe things we have forgotten. For us at Felton Music Hall it has kept us closer to our stereos and has allowed us dig into some really great music. Below is a list of songs we’ve been listening to in October of 2020. We celebrate new music, local music & toward the end we honor some... Read More

FELTON MUSIC REVIEW — Stepping Into 2021

January 3, 2021 Published by Casey Smith

There is not much new to say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said. It was a monumental year for us all, especially those in the San Lorenzo Valley who had to deal with far more than a pandemic. At Felton Music Hall we found ourselves in an especially peculiar spot after we had to shut our doors after Ricky Skaggs walked off the stage on March 11th. Because we are a new music venue, not being allowed to showcase... Read More

RANKED: Super Bowl Halftime Shows

February 10, 2021 Published by Casey Smith

No matter how you feel about The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye broke many long standing traditions that have existed during Super Bowl Halftime Shows. Last Sunday there were no jaw-dropping surprise guests, no elaborate costume changes, no arial stunts, political statements or headline grabbing antics. To some, this was a mistake, but to others (myself included), it was a statement. The Weeknd performed a thoughtful and stylistic set, a set that for many households served as an introduction of sorts to... Read More

The Elovaters – Live At Felton Music Hall – “Hold On”

February 22, 2021 Published by Casey Smith

  On Octobers 23rd & 24th of 2020, in a time when the world seemed pretty bleak, The Elovaters brought a little bit of light to Felton, California. Over the span of two nights, the band who originally hails from Marshfield, Massachusetts, put on some of the most memorable shows ever held inside Felton Music Hall for an audience of 50 people. For most in the audience , The Elovaters music was the first live music they’ve heard since the... Read More

The Foundation Of Hip Hop

March 1, 2021 Published by Casey Smith

FELTON MUSIC REVIEW THE FOUNDATION OF HIP HOP: VOL 1 We at Felton Music Hall are big hip hop music fans. Most of us were growing up with 80’s & 90’s rap music blasting in our bedrooms, reverberating in our headphones, we were dancing to it while being playing in school yards and bobbed our heads to it as it blared out of our car windows. With the amount of amazing hip hop music that came out during the late... Read More

Women In Music || Felton Music Review

March 8, 2021 Published by Casey Smith

Once you dive into the musical works of women, it’s pretty hard to stop. When you put all these ground-breaking women together from over the last century or so, you see the remarkable talent these ladies brought to all genres of music. Here are 85 tracks that represent a small taste of some of the female artists most inspiring to us, from those who’ve played the Felton Music Hall stage, to those we wish we would have gotten a chance to see perform... Read More

Kat Factor (Gone Gone Beyond) sits down with Thomas Cussins, operator of Felton Music Hall in Santa Cruz, on the newest episode of Independent Venue Speak

September 16, 2022 Published by felton-team

LISTEN NOW In this episode of Independent Venue Speak, head to the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains with us and learn more about Felton Music Hall. Formerly Don Quixote’s International Music Hall, the building was bought by Ineffable Music and has been operating under its new ownership as Felton Music Hall for the last three years.  Ineffable Music, founded in 2006 by a group of independent artists, promoters, and managers, produces over two thousand concerts and festivals per year. Led by Thomas Cussins, Ineffable’s president, Felton Music Hall has... Read More