The Elovaters – Live At Felton Music Hall – “Hold On”

February 22, 2021


On Octobers 23rd & 24th of 2020, in a time when the world seemed pretty bleak, The Elovaters brought a little bit of light to Felton, California. Over the span of two nights, the band who originally hails from Marshfield, Massachusetts, put on some of the most memorable shows ever held inside Felton Music Hall for an audience of 50 people. For most in the audience , The Elovaters music was the first live music they’ve heard since the pandemic shut music venue’s down on March 11th. Their sounds were not only therapeutic, but gave everyone there a bit of much needed hope as we entered into a very winter. No matter how ugly the world can seem, music finds a way to radiate its positivity. Luckily, we at Felton Music Hall were able to capture the evenings in their entirety and recorded a live album. The album & the shows were made in support of independent music in these troubling times. The beauty of the concert was encapsulated by these different entities coming together in support of each other when we needed it most.  Last Friday marked the release of the first single from the live album entitled “Hold On” – which is available now on all streaming platforms. If you want to hear a portion of the night captured, check it out below! And be on the look out for the full length record coming soon. Oh, what a night.

In addition to the single, Felton Music Hall has put together some of our favorite reggae songs of late & of all time. From the late great U-Roy, to the Felton Music Hall alum Collie Buddz, to the genre bending debut of DENM, to the Common King’s exclusive made for the Cali Roots Riddim Project.

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